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Discovery Consultation

Specifically designed for first time clients. Schedule a consultation with an expert partner to identify your needs and determine the best course of action in achieving your goals. 

Individual Interview Preparation & Support

Schedule a one-time 2 hour interview preparation session with a Recruiting Consultant to learn how to prepare for your upcoming interviews, by receiving support through learning industry best techniques and conducting a mock interview, provided with feedback to prepare and excel (Includes check-ins for support, within 30 days of scheduled meeting).

Reverse Recruiting

Are you preparing to enter back into the job market, while still maintaining work in your current role?

At CML Consulting & Co. we wholeheartedly understand the challenges and time commitment required to intentionally search and prepare for your next career opportunity. It often can feel like a full-time job in itself. Let's work efficiently and give you time back, by partnering with a Reverse Recruiter for a 3-month reverse recruiting program, which includes the following:

  • A Reverse Recruiter will apply to a set number of positions in your field of interest on your behalf each week.

  • Connect with sourcers and recruiters to build your network and set up informational interviews. 

  • Conduct monthly status and interview preparation meetings to build confidence, while also sharing top interview questions asked in your field. 

  • Receive offer negotiation support. 

Resume Review & Editing Support

Schedule a meeting with a Recruiting Consultant to transform and optimize your resume into a powerful marketing document that showcases your skills and talents. Whether transitioning roles or career fields, we’re here to help you.

Packaged Interview Preparation & Support

Schedule an interview preparation package to gain interview assistance and learn industry best techniques with a Recruiting Consultant for 8 weeks. Together you will work one-on-one to build out an interview strategy, conduct mock interviews, receive commonly asked interview questions to prepare in advance, along with a compelling list of interview questions to present during your interview.

HR Consulting for Professionals

  • Job Offer Negotiation 

  • Performance Improvement Plan Support

  • Employee HR Guidance

  • Severance Negotiation & Understanding  

  • Career Transition & Strategy Calls

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