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Discovery Consultation

Specifically designed for first time clients. Schedule a consultation with an expert partner to identify your needs and determine the best course of action in achieving your goals. 

Human Resources Consulting

Consulting services offered to Businesses with the following capabilities include: 


  • HR Policy & Program Implementation

  • Onboarding & Exit

  •  Learning & Development Training

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • Hiring Strategy

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Project/Program Management

  • Change Management

Talent Acquisition & Candidate Management

Partner with an experienced Talent Acquisition Consultant to build out effective hiring strategies and create positive candidate experiences to assist your organization in meeting business objectives, while hiring top talent through implementing inclusive, caring, ethical and efficient recruiting practices. 

  • Offering Executive & Non-Executive recruitment search

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion should be at the forefront and foundation of every organization, because employees stand at the forefront and assist in maintaining the foundation of every organization. An organization is not only  a reflection of the mission and values, but a representation of the key stakeholders who contribute to its daily impact. Intentionally setting a commitment to implementing and enhancing DEI initiatives, supports all employees and the health of an organization. Schedule a consultation meeting with an expert DEI Consultant to learn more about implementing and improving DEI practices within your organization. 

Wellness in the Workplace

CML Consulting & Co. offers Wellness in the Workplace to all organizations, a curated 3-5 day program event, designed to integrate wellness practices, personal/professional  development, team building and community growth within your daily business practices. Our clients state the integration of such practices propel their businesses and team collaboration to another level. Meet with a Workplace Wellness Coach to discuss your organizations areas of opportunity in detail and learn more about the Workplace Wellness program.

What Our Clients Say

CML Consulting & Co. is a fantastic HR & recruiting partner. they are organized, knowledgeable, compassionate and flexible. they support hiring in a way that brings more expertise and capacity to the team and creates a streamlined process rooted in equity. their presence brings ease, joy and care to the complex process of hiring.

Anna S. - HR Consulting & Full Life Cycle Recruiting Client


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